Majestic Temple in Wat Pho Thailand

I travel around the world with MeFoto Globetrotter, my trusty Nikon with a set of LEE filters all packed into an incredibly reliable Manfrotto backpack. These are some of the gears I carry around to capture and produce these phenomenal and incredible imagery.

“It’s all about the details. Throughout my pursuance in photography, I’ve always enjoyed the ability to precisely capture all the details presented in front of me.”

Majestic Temple in Wat Pho Thailand…

It’s all about the details. Throughout my pursuance in photography, I’ve always enjoyed the ability to precisely capture all the details presented in front of me.

The incredible satisfaction and joy in knowing that the image created is almost pixel perfect, high quality with almost zero loss of details, has become part of my obsession in my imagery world. While I may not always get the perfect condition I was looking for, the moment I decided to take a shot, this part of the obsession kicks in.

With the storm coming close real quick, we quicken our pace towards the main door. Drizzle became slightly heavier now, turning into rain soon, and there’s no time to waste. I can’t believe I need to leave soon.

This had been one of the location that I intended to wait for sunset to capture a spectacular scene that would be revealed before me. But it wouldn’t matter. I still thoroughly enjoy the process just as much as getting the end result. And that to me, is what keeps me going.

Just before we exit, the color came in. It wasn’t the best as the storm clouds are covering most of it by now, but I will make do for it. I did not have a tripod with me throughout my walk in the temple. Steady shots were made through creative usage of elements around me, including people.

And for this shot, my knees became the most reliable support. Once I got the composition I’m looking for, the shutter went off. There, the image – “Majestic Temple in Wat Pho Thailand” – is created.

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Majestic Temple in Wat Pho Thailand

Photo: Bangkok, Wat Pho (Temple of Reclining Buddha)


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