The Royal Albatross

A four-mast luxury tall ship anchored at RWS facing inward, with the horizon at the back. It was quite an astounding view to be able to see this magnificent ship right in front of me, as I waited for the blue hour. It wasn’t the perfect composition I was looking for obviously, but it will make do with Royal Albatross with a spectacular sunset – that’s what I thought.

The Royal Albatross started off in Chicago and later traveled across the moderate climates of North America to the tropical waters in South East Asia. That’s a whooping 15,000 km away! Now, redesigned and fitted for entertain purposes, it’s also decorated with over 60,000 LED lights to set your mood right.

It was a waiting game. I was there early, scouting around Sentosa for a beautiful composition that I came across this. Already found the only possible composition there, I prepared my setup and camped there waiting for the blue hour. This shot was made just a couple of minutes before the complete blue hour though, because by that time, the beautiful streaks of clouds were already gone. Sad. But there’s that soft orange-ish glow from the last light of the Sun.


Photo: Singapore, Sentosa Royal Albatross


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