Far Away from City

Living in a city can frequently cause ourselves to feel a burnout. Once in a while, people travel around to get things off their mind, breathing the fresh air, meeting people and exploring new territories. I wanted to share this shot because it brought about a particular mood and feeling to it. Unlike the typical holiday photos you see, it contains no elements of buildings or houses, no traces of man-made structures or interferences. It’s just pure nature. It gave me a feeling of… peace. Calmness. Far from any city that you would associate with. Getting that up close with nature in nothingness, allows one to reflect quietly. The gentle wind caresses your skin, the freshness of air reaching to your mind, the peaceful view before your eyes calming your nerves. It is moment like this that feels forever. Time freezes for you to mesmerise and indulge yourself in that emotion, drawn into the infinity to meet your soul and sort things out.

We made this trip to Maldives some time ago and I had intended to capture the brilliant colors the island offers, in the attempt to expand my exposure. To make this a challenge for myself, I decided to do something off my normal routine – Shoot without a tripod. It’s tricky I must say. It’s one thing not getting use to, it’s another having slow shutter capturing the vibration and blurs. Quite obviously those shots never made it through to the catalog. I eventually had to settle with two timings to counteract the slow shutter – sunrise in the morning, and daytime before sunset.

With the right conditions, I ended up with a few decent shots that, in my personal opinion, sums up my attempt on this island to be a successful one. While they were not the best to do enough justice to what Maldives can offer, they do gave me a unique experience and a slightly different perspective. Stay tune as I share the remaining shots over the weeks!


Photo: Maldives, Kani Island on 08 Mar 2016

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