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March 17, 2016 / / Iceland

Winter driving is new to me. I’ve never done it – no not yet – and this post isn’t about my first time driving. It’s a short clip of my driver, getting us through the mountains of Iceland to head off for another destination. It was at night and completely dark outside the windows, but I was sitting right at the front of the bus. It was then that I realize there was a strong wind and some form of a snow storm happening.

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January 7, 2016 / / Experiences

This article pretty much sums up, in general, how I spent 12 days in Iceland, and never for once did I regret doing so.

Well, to start this off, I need to first clarify on the “magical” part. I wasn’t quite the believer when I first came across brochures and travel articles emphasizing on how magical it was. I always see travel agencies with tour packages like, “7D Magical Tour” or “10D magical world of colors” and I kept thinking they were all mythical descriptions cooked up by these agencies to get people to buy these packages.

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