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December 8, 2016 / / Thailand

During my trip to Bangkok, I’ve spent some time recording clips that I hope to create a short preview of some of the interesting things I’ve seen in this popular tourist city in Asia. Combining with the timelapse effect, I brainstormed a little of what kind of videos I want to try doing and assembling them into these short clips. In this video, I captured some of the fun performances I saw when I was in Chatuchak, one of the most popular weekend market that every tourists and locals would go. These performances had liven up the entire marketplace to a whole new level, bringing music, laughter and delicious food to everyone.

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December 1, 2016 / / Thailand

It’s all about the details. Throughout my pursuance in photography, I’ve always enjoyed the ability to precisely capture all the details presented in front of me. The incredible satisfaction and joy in knowing that the image created is almost pixel perfect, high quality with almost zero loss of details, has become part of my obsession in my imagery world. While I may not always get the perfect condition I was looking for, the moment I decided to take a shot, this part of the obsession kicks in.

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November 23, 2016 / / Thailand

Situated right in the city of Bangkok, artistic craftsmanship of beautiful sculptures and Temples made this place so much more original in every way in today’s city. There’s a great sense of connection and peace when one walks through the front door. Watching people praying with sincerity and the quiet atmosphere calmed your nerves and touches your soul.

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