About Gray Ang

 “Being able to see through the lens and capture that perfect moment and expression, that output is what lives through tests of time for your memories, years down the road.”

Gray Ang is a Singapore-based landscape and cityscape photographer who actively travels around the world to create powerful imagery for both his audiences and businesses. With a goal in mind not only to capture the scenic landscapes in different parts of the world, he also aims to remind humanity about prevention and a combined effort to protect the beauty, through his images. While visiting popular places to help boost tourism through active social media engagements using his live images and videos, he often wanders to other remote areas where it shows a different perspective altogether.

Gaining these experiences allowed him to pro-actively engage the community and people who are beginning to appreciate photography. He frequently conducts Photo Walks to show and explore different parts of Singapore, capturing unique imagery with beautiful natural lights on specific timing of the day.


Photo Walks with Gray

In the local context, the goal of the Photo Walks were meant to extend the fun and art of photography to any interested registrants. As the lead photographer, Gray intends to share more about some of hidden beauty Singapore had in various corners of the city. The group varies in sizes, but generally kept to a manageable amount of 5, thus vacancies are usually limited.

Register your interest through the link provided below and have fun!

To find out more about the Photo Walks, visit the page at http://grayjunior.com/photo-walks-2016/ now.

Learning and Practicing with Gray’s Workshops

Practice makes perfect. Being able to get out there and work closely with Gray, observe how he does what he is best at and share the experience together, makes the workshop more engaging and fun. These photos from the session will then be taken back to the studio for post-processing work, where you will get to observe and ask questions about such delicate procedures. Gray pays very close attention to each individual’s learning speed and level you’re at to ensure you learn what you came for.

Note: Workshops will only be available starting next year.