Month: July 2016

July 15, 2016 / / Iceland

My trip to Iceland had been an extremely eye-opening experience in my lifetime. It pretty much started my journey and fueled my determination to photograph these amazing nature beauties that Mother Earth had so kindly given us.

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July 13, 2016 / / Iceland

Iceland was picked as our honeymoon destination – a place that I would call it “Out of Time, out of Earth”. The massive landscape that is still well preserved, mostly untouched by man’s hands, are incredibly beautiful. Once you get out of the city area, the view before your eyes is undisturbed by any architectures stretching all the way to the horizons. And through my lens, I can’t help but awed by “Nature’s Miracle”.

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July 13, 2016 / / Upcoming

On our next journey, we head over to the southern part of the world in New Zealand where we get to experience astrophotography in the Dark Sky Reserves, as well as the massive landscapes the country had to offer.

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